Image  Sunday 16/03 we traveled back from the camp to the E.U delegation building to continue the manifestation,hence we were returned without any legal understanding,rather by force.The first approach was from the securities on duty who informed us the ambassador is not on seat at the moment and will resume on Friday 21/03.On Tuesday 18/03 we sent a message through the securities to the secretary to the ambassador,Wednesday 19/03 we insisted on being addressed by the secretary to the ambassador,the security guards who went in to drop our notification came back and said to us,no one wants to discuss with you people in this building.After some hours we saw the secretary and his escorts driving out of the building,then one of the security team in the land cruiser jeep pointed the gun at us,reminding us how we are going to die,at their point of return we blocked the gate,if the security needs to kill us and the authorities of the building not responding to our situation,not too long a convoy of police came and forcefully took us to Lac police head quarters where they prepared statements for each of us and asked us to sign and promise we will not go back to the E.U delegation building which we refused to sign.They splinted us into different groups,the first group were taken to a prison called BOU-CHOUCHA,the others to different bus stations that they should go back to the camp,they refused,because that is where we spent more than three years of acrid experiences,without any attention to our legal demands and also the imprisonment of the first group,they return back to the delegation building,the police came and forced them to the UNHCR office that they are the responsible.(what-about those refugees protesting in front of the UNHCR building close to a year?the police boss did not respond to that.The police team came back to front of the E.U building poured oil alongside water on the cartons and outside the office premises where we do lay,we came back and slept on them just the form they made them.On Friday 21/03 after the prison ill fated treatment we were charged to court,acquitted(discharged)with no offense,the judge asked us to pay a fine of Tunisian 9 dinars,we reminded him we have means to nothing in the desert,he cancelled the three files and asked,we should be released,i immediately we joined the others in front of the E.U delegation building.
The E.U ambassador on monday 24/03 resumed office,we sent the securities as usual across,from the early hours we started experiencing police repression again and they had some meetings inside the office,at 7:15pm the police chiefs came with the same form they asked us to sign in the station the previous week, we refused again for the second time,they left and came back with an entourage that start impounding on us immediately,forced us in their buses and took us to Lac police head quarters,started bringing us down from the buses one after the other,children first and forced them to finger print the forms and lastly the others and when you refused the finger print,atleast 5/6 police officers will impound on the person,force his hand backward with the hand curfs and force him to sign,when they understand the screaming from the building is attracting the neighborhood,the boss asked them to stop the application of force,already they forced some to do it.After the process they convey us inside two buses and returned us to the deserted camp on monday 24/03 at night.

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