ImageA Sudanese took his brother who has been critically ill since 2011,had two major surgical operations under the UNHCR in the camp before now, to the capital,because of his condition without attention on Thursday 24/04/2014 to the office responsible.Secondly the last time we where in tunis the police returned us without some of our bags and documents,their statement in front of the camp military is when they get back to tunis they are going to search for those bags and send them to us in the camp,but they failed.We made a call to one of the Sudanese there to check with the police station for our bags and there he was told,they dont have the bags and directed him to the security at the EU delegation building, we traveled for the bags on Sunday 27/04 and they trapped us again,despite the fact that we confide in the camp military who directed us to the camp national guard and finally they referred us to bengardene police station,hence it has to do with police,which we did,the boss of the station made a telephone call to Lac police boss concerning our belongings.Lastly the secretary to the E.U ambassador made a promise to discuss with us after a meeting with the ambassador on monday 24/03 the last time we were there before the police arrested us,we went to the delegation building as well to obtain an official appointment from them on Monday 28/04 and the police references regarding our bags is to check with the security at the delegation building,when they said they had no idea of the bags we had to go back to the Lac police headquarters where we were being detained from that morning,handcurfed and requesting for our names,in the evening they took us to BOU CHOUCHA and locked us there,the next day being tuesday 29/04 we were charged to court but there was no hearing ,Wednesday 30/04 they returned us to the court yard,still no hearing,the worse is, for three days the sick person among us wasn’t fed and we were taken to a prison called MONAGIA upon a framed up allegation from the Lac police head quarters that we blocked the streets and stop people from going to work,we stayed in the prison from 30/04 through friday 09/05 that we were brought to court and discharged of the police accusations.That night the prison authority hand us to the ministry of foreigners and borders control, that took us to wardiya again demanding for our documents that we told them to go to the UNHCR.After two days in wardiya they took us to the bus station going to bengardene and asked us to leave.



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