This letter has been received by all the CCs including official stamps from four(4)of the ministers



we the abandoned population at the Choucha refugee camp are writing this letter collectively to remind you of our suffering here in the camp.
In the past we used a non pacific approach to let you understand our sufferings, which apparently bore no fruit, but today we are returning to you in a peaceful way to let you listen to our plea, understand our fears and sufferings and grant us our demands.
we want you to understand that we are not migrants, we sincerely have our fears that prevent us from returning to our countries of origin, but unfortunately we were not understood and no one cares to understand us. If we were just travelers or economic migrants, we should all be in Italy by now, many have gone accross already but those of us writing this letter are not after travelling or greener land, we are genuinely unable to return to our countries of origin and beg on you to consider our situation and grant us international protection.
We also insist on being accorded resettlement to a country with a better asylum system.
We wait on your most favorable reaction,
Yours sincerely,
The rejected refugee community in Choucha.
-The UNHCR Head Quarters, Geneva.
-UNHCR Tunisia
-EU Delegation Tunisia
-Minister of Justice Tunisia
-The Tunisian Prime Minister
-Minister of external(foreign) affairs Tunisia
-Minister of the interior, Tunisia.






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