Our struggle does not advocate hatred,rather appeal understanding. leaving a situation that leads to bewildered frustration(mental anguish).We beleive in the faith that Choucha is a minor situation that could be resolved by the knowledge/understanding of the UNHCR/INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE and the rights, freedom and justice of those subjugate be restored as one essence of peace and humanity, and the great task levelled on them(Hirachy/Honour),also to put an end to the exploitation of the situation.If minor situation like Choucha is not politically retify,the western civility is not a complete success,because of the failure to respond positively to the challenging situation of the camp,in the human reality,why should we be abandoned in a deserted remote region in this 21st century,since 2011-2015?The HCR was formed to provide protection and durable solution to anyone needing it,not compairing them to the detriments of their fates,we demand this freedom to control our own destiny in reality.
We appeal people of goodwill in a larger community to support our suffering and struggle throughout our tragic adventure in the quest for justice,Men and Women of good reasoning should debate and restore sanity and humanity to Choucha demand of resettlement.
We are here because we pray,hope and beleive that something new will emerge in the struggle of Choucha during this WSF,that the institutional structures/mechanisms base on refugees and humanity evolution of value,utilized to end this inhuman situation that has made us question the fairness in justice of the convention policy,true compassion should go beyond presenting situations,but restructuring and restoring them,knowing fully well that people who are physically/psychologically traumatized cannot be reconcile with wisdom ,justice and love in due course.
Our Demand And Appeal To UNHCR And The International Committee.
1.)To grant UNHCR/ International protection to those denied.
2.)To be accorded resettlement to a safe third country counting with effective system of refugee/asylum protection.
Thanks to all with the true spirit of solidarity as we have actively waited patiently for our struggle to be resolved.

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