It’s not ignorance that left us in the desert for 4/5yrs,but the conventional policies in a situation under international declaration’s and the perfect mechanisms failed to identify with it’s flaws,leading to our long term suffering in the Tunisian deserted remote refugees camp and each time we stand to reflect our plight against these decisions that has blocked our lives,we are always intercepted by the Tunisian police,putting us through detention and prison for four times,now at Wadiya immigration detention center that has got no knowledge of how most files were misunderstood and mistranslated,down to bringing in diplomat of a government that one escaped it’s governance in cases said to be confidential during the interview’s.

This long term mental psychological torture (violations)and habitually arrest has to come to an end.Also by not making us to believe that this is how a vibrant democratic 21st century should operate,by neglecting International Responsibilities.Knowing fully well through several written and documented evidence of how the decisions has impaired us to live a life without human dignity by begging for alms’ in the main road heading to Libya and also to defend our lives in front of the International Community.

The idea of locking us up in contaminated environment to deteriorate our health,without moral values for human lives is called what?Prisons and detention’s centers is not good for anyone of US.Issues that started with legal understanding and agreement’s don’t have to be resolved by putting us through all this psychological warfare.

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