Where is human right here?

Choucha camp was not established as a result of natural disaster in Libya, but a man-made catastrophe created by International body and can not be fixed till date by those felt to be sane minded, and are promoting equal value for human lives, peace and stability in every nook and cranny of our inhabited world.
Or it is a crime to flee the 2011 Libyan war! that today there is no justice for these handful of helpless victims that are not up to a drop in an ocean, and could not return to their countries of origin as a result of well founded fear of persecution, as a reason, we registered for asylum under the rightful institute to defend our claims, upon proper verification of each file according to the information provided, and having fled the conflict in early 2011 that the whole world knows was instigated by the International Declaration on the regime without admitting the fact that, at the end its also an eruption of refugee crisis and not even a single goal is being achieved with that impetuous act of sovereignty. Could this be the reason why these remnants of Choucha camp are still abandoned and being subjected to all sorts of both physical and psychological pains, that privileges according to the camp history have to be a segregation that exist? and besides, inflicting malice, sufferings and abuses without empathy under a camp supposedly established by an international organization that proclaims humanitarian, is this how much the system has degenerated? or is there a master plan aimed at wasting all our lives to the very last man standing? when the truth is being concealed, those with vested interest like maybe you, choose to watch only or look away in the situation. Like said (“Extra ordinary times, demands extra ordinary measures ”), reiterating our plight according to any agreement that access the reasons Choucha was established before the International authorities(E.U)delegation in Tunis and this continuous habitual act here in Tunisia of arresting and beating up refugees for exercising their right of legitimate freedom, imprisoning them and forcefully expelling them at gun point to the frontiers of territories where their lives are being threatened, as was done few months ago by Tunisian police and immigration(as a social structure or national methodology) over us to Algerian troubled border, and seemed acceptable, is in line of violation and mere cruelty. For 4/5yrs our nerves stood the strain of resistance(mentally and physically it feels life is meaningless).Choucha shouldn’t be defined by fate, but by International resolution. According to our struggle all through Tunisia there has never been a safe atmosphere for us and we insist on a legal exit platform to resolve this long term suffering that has been inflicted on us. We hope for a better understanding.
Thank you.

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