After the collapse of the Libyan regime in 2011, hundreds of forced inhabitants moved to Tunisia and found refuge in UNHCR’s Choucha camp, where they waited for their asylum requests to be processed. According to various reports from Tunisian and human rights organizations, irregularities and malpractice in the RSD procedure occurred. On 30 June 2013, the camp was officially closed. Until now, however, many of the recognized refugees who could not be resettled and more than 70 refused asylum seekers remain in the camp, living in the desert in inhuman conditions without access to basic needs and facilities.
In the past four years the refugees living in the camp have been fighting with several associations in many ways to pressure the UNHCR to assume their responsibility towards them by granting them resettlement in a safe third country with an effective asylum system. Until now the UNHCR has refused to reopen their case and to fulfill their demands.

In the context of the WSF 2015 people representing various international organizations and individuals from the civil society came together with the refugees to discuss and find ways to solve the Choucha issue. Based on the experience of the previous fights and the testimonies of the refugees we came to the consent that any further action has to include these three main conditions:

Resettlement to a safe third country with an effective refugee/asylum protection system423143_489131587799171_1187887160_n
Integration in Tunisia is not an option as Tunisia is not able to guarantee safety and decent living conditions
All kind of support to the cause should be focused on resettlement, as it is our only aim. Any further help (material, medical, basic needs) is an individual choice but not a long-term and effective political solution.

The World Social Forum is a place of exchange of ideas, where causes can be shared and alternatives to the present system can be developed. But the World Social Forum only succeeds if concrete actions come to practice and real initiatives are taken. The 2013 Forum was not able to bring the Choucha struggle to an end. This time, we need to bring our forces together to start fighting.

We are convinced that so far the UNHCR has not taken its responsibilities and had not used all its  power to come to a satisfying solution. Instead, it has made mistakes in the procedures and has deliberately abandoned the refugees.

In order to expose the errors of the UNHCR and pressure them to reopen the case, we need legal support by competent activists or entities. Therefore, we make an open call to all associations, organizations, decision makers and individuals to join us.

Put an end to the Choucha struggle. Resettlement now!

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Forum social mondial 2015 Appel à la mobilisation des responsables des Hautes autorités afin de donner suite à la demande de réinstallation des réfugiés du camp de Choucha.

  Notre combat n’est pas d’inciter à la haine mais plutôt d’appeler à la compréhension de ce que cela implique de vivre une situation menant à l’agonie mentale et à une frustrante perplexité.

Nous croyons avec foi que:

– Choucha est une crise mineure qui pourrait être désamorcée par la compréhension du comité international de l’UNHCR

-La liberté et la justice doivent être rendues à ceux qui en ont été privés en tant qu’essence de paix et d’humanité

-Les décideurs doivent arrêter d’exploiter la situation

Si une crise mineure du genre de Choucha ne peut pas être politiquement résolue, la civilité occidentale est loin d’être un succès et cela à cause de l’incapacité à réagir positivement au défi que représente le camp de réfugiés humainement parlant. Pourquoi devrait-on, au 20 ème siècle, être abandonnés dans une région déserte et éloignée depuis 2011 à 2015?

Le comité des droits de l’homme a été crée afin de subvenir au besoin de protection et à une solution durable pour n’importe qui en aurait besoin et non au détriment de son destin et de sa dignité. Nous demandons la liberté de choisir nous même notre propre destinée en réalité.

Nous appelons des gens de bonne foi toute communauté confondue à nous supporter et a nous soutenir dans notre combat, une aventure tragique, a travers la quête de justice. Les femmes et les hommes de raison devrait débattre et rendre la dignité et l’humanité en ce qui concerne la réinstallation de réfugies du camp de Choucha.

Nous sommes ici car nous prions espérons et croyons que quelque chose de nouveau va émerger pour le combat de Choucha durant ce forum social mondial, Ces structures et mécanismes institutionnels de base pour les réfugiés et l’ appréciation de la valeur humaine doivent être utilisée pour mettre un terme à cette situation inhumaine qui nous pousse a chercher l’ équité et l’impartialité dans la justice selon la convention des droits de l’homme.

La Vraie compassion devrait aller au delà le fait de simplement présenter une situation de la restructurer ou encore de la restaurer tout en sachant parfaitement que les traumatisés physiques et mentaux ne pourrons, en cours de chemin, peut être pas se réconcilier avec la sagesse la justice et l’amour

Notre demande et notre appel à l’UNHCR et au comité international:


1.) Que l’UNHCR garantisse une protection internationale à ceux qui en ont été privés

2.) De se voir accorder la réinstallation dans un pays tiers en sécurité et disposant d’un système effectif d’asile pour la protection des réfugiés.

Merci à tous ceux qui, doté d’un vrai esprit de solidarité comme celui que nous avons, qui ont patiemment milité pour que notre problème soit résolu.



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Our struggle does not advocate hatred,rather appeal understanding. leaving a situation that leads to bewildered frustration(mental anguish).We beleive in the faith that Choucha is a minor situation that could be resolved by the knowledge/understanding of the UNHCR/INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE and the rights, freedom and justice of those subjugate be restored as one essence of peace and humanity, and the great task levelled on them(Hirachy/Honour),also to put an end to the exploitation of the situation.If minor situation like Choucha is not politically retify,the western civility is not a complete success,because of the failure to respond positively to the challenging situation of the camp,in the human reality,why should we be abandoned in a deserted remote region in this 21st century,since 2011-2015?The HCR was formed to provide protection and durable solution to anyone needing it,not compairing them to the detriments of their fates,we demand this freedom to control our own destiny in reality.
We appeal people of goodwill in a larger community to support our suffering and struggle throughout our tragic adventure in the quest for justice,Men and Women of good reasoning should debate and restore sanity and humanity to Choucha demand of resettlement.
We are here because we pray,hope and beleive that something new will emerge in the struggle of Choucha during this WSF,that the institutional structures/mechanisms base on refugees and humanity evolution of value,utilized to end this inhuman situation that has made us question the fairness in justice of the convention policy,true compassion should go beyond presenting situations,but restructuring and restoring them,knowing fully well that people who are physically/psychologically traumatized cannot be reconcile with wisdom ,justice and love in due course.
Our Demand And Appeal To UNHCR And The International Committee.
1.)To grant UNHCR/ International protection to those denied.
2.)To be accorded resettlement to a safe third country counting with effective system of refugee/asylum protection.
Thanks to all with the true spirit of solidarity as we have actively waited patiently for our struggle to be resolved.

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For almost half a decade,the forgotten asylum seekers and refugees in Choucha camp still remain in agony under the world governmental body.For how long are we going to remain a subject of no reflection? to suffer mental,physical,psychological violations/torture,that reduces human power of concentration?in an advanced globalized world that preach,teach and echo Freedom:as a state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.Rights:as moral entitlements.Justice.If all these are applicable in the western world,the big question is,are we subjected to colonization slavery? if not true,then why should we be confined to a deserted remote region that is meant for not residing but animals rearing? leaving in lack of human dignity(drought and starvation) that could lure into extremism or are the laws and conventions design to present situations?.December 10th is human right day and as human abandoned in plain violations few kilometres from the troubled border close to four years of the western calendar,are we meant for experiments?
Our appeal to the Tunisian government,human right leagues/experts,activists and the civil society as host of Choucha refugee 2011 camp,IS to urge the camp responsible UNHCR with whom our legal cases were registered and the International Committee upon the agreement/s with which the camp was enacted and as well the essence base of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights were made.
Our struggle is instigated by our own suffering and our own experience,It is a struggle for the rights to live with human dignity in harmony with equal rights and justice,fair opportunities,to be accorded resettlement,not confined to Choucha open detention.
Our Demand And Appeal To UNHCR And The International Committee.
1.)To grant UNHCR/ International protection to those denied.
2.)To be accorded resettlement to a safe third country counting with effective system of refugee/asylum protection.
Thanks to all with the true spirit of solidarity as we have actively waited patiently for our struggle to be resolved.

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774260_254756227989128_990802758_o                                                                                          Tunisianan red crescent and I.O.M alongside gave this official notice on Friday 3/10/2014,when they paid a visit to the camp,That Wednesday 15/10/2014 Choucha will be Evicted(final closure) giving option to those recognized(statutory refugees)as one of the red crescent partnership re-installation program.For those finally rejected under the UNHCR,the I.O.M reiterated the voluntary return program (ii) move into Tunisian cities(iii)go wherever your deteriorated state of mind asked you.After all the tragic experiences.
What is most important to them Is bringing down all the tents to erase the memories & hearings of Choucha(one of the Libyan 2011 crisis product).
On a long term struggle which stood for the transitional justice for those of us who fled the Libyan violence with legal registered claims under the UNHCR,Our Demand is still ;Resettlement to a safe third country counting with effective system of asylum protection.

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This letter has been received by all the CCs including official stamps from four(4)of the ministers



we the abandoned population at the Choucha refugee camp are writing this letter collectively to remind you of our suffering here in the camp.
In the past we used a non pacific approach to let you understand our sufferings, which apparently bore no fruit, but today we are returning to you in a peaceful way to let you listen to our plea, understand our fears and sufferings and grant us our demands.
we want you to understand that we are not migrants, we sincerely have our fears that prevent us from returning to our countries of origin, but unfortunately we were not understood and no one cares to understand us. If we were just travelers or economic migrants, we should all be in Italy by now, many have gone accross already but those of us writing this letter are not after travelling or greener land, we are genuinely unable to return to our countries of origin and beg on you to consider our situation and grant us international protection.
We also insist on being accorded resettlement to a country with a better asylum system.
We wait on your most favorable reaction,
Yours sincerely,
The rejected refugee community in Choucha.
-The UNHCR Head Quarters, Geneva.
-UNHCR Tunisia
-EU Delegation Tunisia
-Minister of Justice Tunisia
-The Tunisian Prime Minister
-Minister of external(foreign) affairs Tunisia
-Minister of the interior, Tunisia.






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  ImageA Sudanese took his brother who has been critically ill since 2011,had two major surgical operations under the UNHCR in the camp before now, to the capital,because of his condition without attention on Thursday 24/04/2014 to the office responsible.Secondly the last time we where in tunis the police returned us without some of our bags and documents,their statement in front of the camp military is when they get back to tunis they are going to search for those bags and send them to us in the camp,but they failed.We made a call to one of the Sudanese there to check with the police station for our bags and there he was told,they dont have the bags and directed him to the security at the EU delegation building, we traveled for the bags on Sunday 27/04 and they trapped us again,despite the fact that we confide in the camp military who directed us to the camp national guard and finally they referred us to bengardene police station,hence it has to do with police,which we did,the boss of the station made a telephone call to Lac police boss concerning our belongings.Lastly the secretary to the E.U ambassador made a promise to discuss with us after a meeting with the ambassador on monday 24/03 the last time we were there before the police arrested us,we went to the delegation building as well to obtain an official appointment from them on Monday 28/04 and the police references regarding our bags is to check with the security at the delegation building,when they said they had no idea of the bags we had to go back to the Lac police headquarters where we were being detained from that morning,handcurfed and requesting for our names,in the evening they took us to BOU CHOUCHA and locked us there,the next day being tuesday 29/04 we were charged to court but there was no hearing ,Wednesday 30/04 they returned us to the court yard,still no hearing,the worse is, for three days the sick person among us wasn’t fed and we were taken to a prison called MONAGIA upon a framed up allegation from the Lac police head quarters that we blocked the streets and stop people from going to work,we stayed in the prison from 30/04 through friday 09/05 that we were brought to court and discharged of the police accusations.That night the prison authority hand us to the ministry of foreigners and borders control, that took us to wardiya again demanding for our documents that we told them to go to the UNHCR.After two days in wardiya they took us to the bus station going to bengardene and asked us to leave.



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