Its not an agreement that left us with no legal or humanitarian definite durable solution, but rather a wicked hand force of nature in form of a norm established by humanity. No one should dare forget how these people of choucha came into tunisia and our lives should not be limited only to the failed local integration program here in tunisia. Our rhetorics has always been that of calling on the UNHCR and all the international entities that managed the 2011 libyan war emergency team, they started this and has equally the same means, resources and power to get the few remaining of us out of Tunisia to a resettlement country. If you are so damn sure that the Tunisian government struggling on its internal reforms, again without revealing the real true pictures  behind those Choucha remaining refugees in Tunisia, should be made accountable for all the negligence and loss of another choucha (Nigerian) CHARLES AHIMIEN life whose dead body was discovered on Wednesday 24th of June, within 3 months space after the death of Ahmed Ishak who died March 5th 2020, which all becomes a revealing of how the system wants us to be dying one after the other,, then you are part of the problem, hence you do not feel what we feel is enough prove for you not to understand in pretence. The history of choucha refugee camp is a clear example of systemic  racism and segregation to discriminate against people, which was not the moral ideal upon which the UNHCR was formed. The June 19th 2017 military coup to invade the camp without a direction, was enough to put a stop to this long waiting AND sufferings, but No, that is not the case, now la marsa youth facilities in Tunis becomes the next assimilated political detention centre till date to continue the torture. This organized structural unjust and violations plus deprivations for almost ten years which is a decade calendar has to be swiftly condernmed and an end point needs to be put to this inhuman situation, by granting resettlement to all remainning in Tunisia out of the libyan 2011 saga.

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choucha miOur situation is a direct volatile consequential aftermath result of Libyan 2011 crisis, declared by international commitee against the then regime.
Our being here in Tunisia was an order an umbrella group of states (UNHCR) and other affiliated international emergency management teams and not willingly. And again to state that, this is a camp where the early note was to start by issuing verbal rejections to certain nationalities before establishing facts hearing procédures of individual fears that has compelled us to struggle the course of our lives as the years go by.
After residing the desert camp situated 6/7 km from the Libyan/Tunisian border for 6 years, now relocated to la-marsa youth facility since June 17th 2017, which now seems like diminishing of choucha visibility, lets be reasonable here,Is this how to resolve issues that trampled on the rights and justice of others?.It is unfair verily to keep pretending that there is no history of choucha 2011 in Tunisia and how were the victims dilemma resolved?. Completely overwhelmed with stress, no one knows the imminent pains we suffer Or is it a norm that we should remain in this predicament of chaos and turmoil forever?.
Inflicting us with both physical and mental purnishments that reduces human power of concentration,should be vehemently and swiftly condernmed to apply value to humanity in this 21st century Or Is there any study consideration of the terrible irony of our tragic state everyday?. The tendency to suffer a particular condition has its hold over us from the attitude we endured all these years. Anchored by the claims of shared values that has dwifted several mitigating sources that will not accurate the reality around our struggle challenges and the day in, day out sufferings we experienced.
Is there any study research proof of the susceptibility over the mental health of the people? Or the vulnerability we are exposed to, in the absence of the proper and right institutional response?.
The pains and sufferings of Africans has to be admitted with a true spirit of change through suitable long lasting reforms that could get a life back to fit. Lets not forget as stated by several historians and books. We are the same people that have been persecuted, enslaved, isolated, usurped, violated and colonised, that in this growing age we deserve a good memorandum of understanding even in procedures.
No to statutory segregations, No to nepotism. We all came out of the libyan 2011 saga and demanded to be resettled in a third country, where there is a legislation that protects and respects our rights and not the systematic failed integration attempt, if not where are all the people from choucha integrated in Tunisia?
Despite lots of inappropriate and neither precautionary actions and measures taken against us for protesting against the harsh situations and conditions around us, which happens to be the only legitimate right we can exercise, till date no final resolution has been applied.On consecutive occasions we have been put through several detention facilities and prison, the worse was an expulsion to the Tunisian/Algerian border territory for manifesting against the situation.
Choucha camp and la-marsa youth centre all in Tunisia, this is a sign that we are very much around on a self determined struggle for justice of our 2011 limbo.Our lives over the years has been marked by considerable pains and at what point is the national government and the international institutions going to seek a proper durable solution redressing our plights so we can live a normal happy life?.
We demand this urgent appeal to avoid further lost of life, just like the case of Mr Ahmed Ishak of a blessed memory who died on the 6th of March 2020 isnt the first case scenario, rather adding up to 3 cases of painful death out of negligence.This symbolic man inhumanity to man in form of procedure is to Watch the rest die one after the other going by this historic account of no institution is responsible for choucha.
Calling on the national government as the umpire that signed the hosting agreement and the authority that has the moral and ethical high ground, we beleive totally in this new regime with no inhibition and appeal them to call on the UNHCR for a final historic decision to end and change this long term deprivations.
Our demand is still squarely to the Unhcr and international communities.
.To be granted Resettlement/ Relocation to a third country and not integration in Tunisia.

An opportunity to say thank you for hosting us all these years



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Choucha Remaining Refugees And Asylum Seekers Issues To Attend.

Choucha refugee camp that was sited 6/7km from the Tunisian/ Libyan border of ras jeddir, was one of the aftermath effect of the Libyan 2011 war.
The June 19th 2017 military obfuscation to invade the camp without a direction or durable means of giving a solution to the inhabitants demand of relocation to a third country other than integration in Tunisia, after struggle for years by citing all the reasons for refusing the local integration, despite the reforms around the immigration content which is not of any compromise, merely reflects the reality failure of the United Nations June 30 2013 official closure of the camp, leaving the camp residence without fundamental rights.
Possibly elopement of answers to the people’s fundamental rights that has always been frequently asked, which there has been no answers to in the absence of the legal constituted practice in the country, as the reason the UNHCR ran the camp and are the responsible for the remnants human lives from the camp’s history. Also pleading justice of the 7/8 years marginalization not to be misguided. Again asked, were is the moral compassion for the Choucha refugees that has gone through 7/8 years test Dom of active patient? Where are those institutional tools set up to defend such courses? In supporting and promoting the values and principles of the universal human rights declarations? Where is the moral and ethical values, which is crucial to human civilization?
All the orchestrated campaign became invisible by not granting a long term durable solution to the remnant, rather than letting them to the detriments of their fates, which is not suppose to be the case here, because the 7/8 years resistance without support amidst harsh and extreme languishing conditions has proven beyond negotiable doubts. As we keep reiterating the inhuman situation we have been placed for all these years. And how most of the international and national human right leagues decided to seal off the existence of the people by placing them in in the la marsa youth facility for more than another one year without any procedure.
How is it defined that while the camp was running, people were precluded from legal assistance. Before the official closure of the camp, people already have been abandon with no humanitarian support, in order to weaken their mental faculty and reduce their power of concentration, in the deserted camp, without putting facts together that we never came to Tunisia or La Marsa out of our own will.
Our rhetoric demand of relocation/Resettlement out of Tunisia still directs to UNHCR and the international communities, as the responsible to the situation we are found as at today. Again respecting all the efforts puts in place for the integration program in Tunisia, but where are the examples of people from Choucha who successfully integrated?
After all these several attestations from us concerning the NGOs and Governmental humanitarian and welfare failure, placing us without support. The remaining of us left in this crucial situation, hereby and still appeal a final program of resettlement to a country counting with effective system of refugees/ asylum protection, from the responssible’s.

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In the beginning was a war signed by the international communities for reasons best known to them.This very war affected and transformed lives of millions,choucha refugee camp Tunisia was one of it,people who were unable to return back to their country of origin,due to fear of persecution actively struggled and lived there since 2011.Come June 19th 2017 the camp was invaded using military coup that very early hour of 6am,that the entire camp was leveled down under 20m in a haste and stopped everyone from taking any photo or video evidence,except for some hidden cams and again placed the remnants of the camp in another chaotic state of disbelieve and torment(mental,physical)torture.
Now the plot of evicting the camp has been executed,all the questions asked by those of us who remained in the camp before the cruel eviction without a plan for follow up,just like it was after the Libyan war,, has asked so many questions without an answer to define the present moment.This is the 5th month since we arrived the new site of la marsa Tunis.
The geometric invisible zig-zag programs proposed by those organizations behind choucha launched weren’t executed even in the life of just one,out of the thirty five people they took to the new site.
At this very moment apparently,these same organizations operating without a direction,nor humanitarian sympathy,cut-off all basics humanitarian assistance without giving the people or explaining to them what is expected of them.What do you stand to benefit,when you dish out all these pains for years,without remorse,when you seize every information from the people,when you block the situation and make it invisible,when you address,advocate and represent human right?What do you think you achieved from such mischievous tricks?What do you think you benefit,when you create situations and define them the way you feel and like to?without listening to the oppressed?

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2015-08-14-043Feudalism that comes with conflict,conflict goes hand in hand with slavery and warfare,with warfare comes war captives.Now what is the role of the western elites and scholars in this forced migration act were by the victims vulnerable state becomes a target to police and immigration to live without freedom?pointing out excellent cases,where are those supposed integrated?
This act of domination and imposure is a grossly unfair concept that institutionalized feudalism and transpose, that the victims has to be subjected to one of the most brutal form of legal slavery in a frozen situation without power and resources,especially when its not an accidental fiasco but systematically program(either by seduction or force)without putting the tragic impact into account.Creating victims of social engineering,locked in underground circumstances,making reality becomes unreal and unreal becomes reality and this fact got many nailed to the wall.
If we have a system that cannot be duplicated and can never listen carefully to replication of the future of the Africans.Placing people in a victimized state of emotional,educational,political and psychological torment and disadvantage,disconnecting social from psychological instincts of mind,if people are thrown in an undesirable pandemonium stage in the circumference of legal public policy officials,should the flaws be hold over the victims head with pressure?unleashing mayhem on innocent by ripping them apart through strategic depopulation without secured plans.
And the hosted government neglected the humanitarian situation and subjected us to inexplicable torture severally, according to the history of the camp,at the pioneer state or rather say before the camp there was an absent of a regulative law in Tunisia known to the knowledge of the UNHCR.UNHCR being the only actor responsive in the absence of a legal framework and the International institution set up for reasons like Choucha left the camp with no justification of those behind, is still the responsible in a connection pipeline linked to the International body that made a declaration without counting the cost of what happens to the human disaster(mean those that will be fleeing the war).Choucha shouldn’t be shifted as a blame to Tunisian government that suffers several instability and hasn’t been paying attention to our struggle,except for the regularization of those that accepted the local integration program proposed,both issues has a direct factual basis.It should be an impartial judgement that people affected by war(refugees) dumped in a desert for almost 5yrs has no justice and its not a fair thing to do that Choucha is given immigration judgement,that those remaining are economical migrants that is now being manipulated by the Tunisian immigration system.
Calling on human right leagues who have been following up with our struggles and understand the exact demand, and have witnessed to the deterioration of the situation and identify all the human right violation we are undergoing with no empathy. For example;(1.) Is it right that a camp set up as a result of International declaration is refusing to admit with the forced flow of migration of refugees of the war, represents human right? (2.) Those of us inhabiting the camp close to the troubled border getting to 5years without human dignity in worn out tents, with no hope for the future prospects, and in an unsafe conditions, sound right?(3.) Is placing people under psychological warfare to determine their fate with nothing, in a space provided by International signatory without administrative resolution for a suitable durable solution to the reason the camp was established sound right?(4.) All the habitual arrests for reasons of presenting our situation visible and pushing our demand to be resettled outside Tunisia in a safe country with effective system in several occasion, and ending up in detention centre’s or prisons without initiating a proper redress, and all the interruptions encountered sound right?(5.)Is compelling people against their will to beg for alms in the street sound right? (6.)Does it sound right that asylum cases that weren’t given a proper understanding which has led to a long term suffering be manipulated under immigration judgement?(7.)How does human right experts and leagues defines almost 5years resistance under harsh conditions, in most cases torture(police maim) ?
We cannot exonerate the fact that the few helpless victims of the war remaining in the camp under inhuman & uncompromising circumstances are humans that have lives and the situation demands International resolution.
There are several leagues,commissions and councils with powerful orchestrated techniques,but why is it difficult to eliminate the frailty situation for the protection of life,security and freedom of the camp’s remnants going through several excruciating contortions.
N.B.Throwing more light in flashback memories of the past and present penury,deprivations and injustice is the reason for this analysis.The legal and political leagues as expert should please resolve the vulnerability of the Choucha and give meaning to those lives.
And the Demand is still a legal platform to a safe third country with effective system Not local integration in Tunisia.

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Where is human right here?

Choucha camp was not established as a result of natural disaster in Libya, but a man-made catastrophe created by International body and can not be fixed till date by those felt to be sane minded, and are promoting equal value for human lives, peace and stability in every nook and cranny of our inhabited world.
Or it is a crime to flee the 2011 Libyan war! that today there is no justice for these handful of helpless victims that are not up to a drop in an ocean, and could not return to their countries of origin as a result of well founded fear of persecution, as a reason, we registered for asylum under the rightful institute to defend our claims, upon proper verification of each file according to the information provided, and having fled the conflict in early 2011 that the whole world knows was instigated by the International Declaration on the regime without admitting the fact that, at the end its also an eruption of refugee crisis and not even a single goal is being achieved with that impetuous act of sovereignty. Could this be the reason why these remnants of Choucha camp are still abandoned and being subjected to all sorts of both physical and psychological pains, that privileges according to the camp history have to be a segregation that exist? and besides, inflicting malice, sufferings and abuses without empathy under a camp supposedly established by an international organization that proclaims humanitarian, is this how much the system has degenerated? or is there a master plan aimed at wasting all our lives to the very last man standing? when the truth is being concealed, those with vested interest like maybe you, choose to watch only or look away in the situation. Like said (“Extra ordinary times, demands extra ordinary measures ”), reiterating our plight according to any agreement that access the reasons Choucha was established before the International authorities(E.U)delegation in Tunis and this continuous habitual act here in Tunisia of arresting and beating up refugees for exercising their right of legitimate freedom, imprisoning them and forcefully expelling them at gun point to the frontiers of territories where their lives are being threatened, as was done few months ago by Tunisian police and immigration(as a social structure or national methodology) over us to Algerian troubled border, and seemed acceptable, is in line of violation and mere cruelty. For 4/5yrs our nerves stood the strain of resistance(mentally and physically it feels life is meaningless).Choucha shouldn’t be defined by fate, but by International resolution. According to our struggle all through Tunisia there has never been a safe atmosphere for us and we insist on a legal exit platform to resolve this long term suffering that has been inflicted on us. We hope for a better understanding.
Thank you.

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It’s not ignorance that left us in the desert for 4/5yrs,but the conventional policies in a situation under international declaration’s and the perfect mechanisms failed to identify with it’s flaws,leading to our long term suffering in the Tunisian deserted remote refugees camp and each time we stand to reflect our plight against these decisions that has blocked our lives,we are always intercepted by the Tunisian police,putting us through detention and prison for four times,now at Wadiya immigration detention center that has got no knowledge of how most files were misunderstood and mistranslated,down to bringing in diplomat of a government that one escaped it’s governance in cases said to be confidential during the interview’s.

This long term mental psychological torture (violations)and habitually arrest has to come to an end.Also by not making us to believe that this is how a vibrant democratic 21st century should operate,by neglecting International Responsibilities.Knowing fully well through several written and documented evidence of how the decisions has impaired us to live a life without human dignity by begging for alms’ in the main road heading to Libya and also to defend our lives in front of the International Community.

The idea of locking us up in contaminated environment to deteriorate our health,without moral values for human lives is called what?Prisons and detention’s centers is not good for anyone of US.Issues that started with legal understanding and agreement’s don’t have to be resolved by putting us through all this psychological warfare.

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4 to 5 years political negligence

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June 15 ‪#‎Choucha Refugees Debate/Statement For The Discussion@FTDES.

_MG_7356Dear All,

Choucha refugee camp that was officially closed by the responsible UNHCR leaving hundreds in limbo at the camp till date,at the Tunsian-Libyan border, since 2011. We would like to update you about our situation, though there is not much to be updated about: we are still displaced in the deserted remote camp. All plight not to be forgotten, though the camp was officially closed by the UNHCR, there are people still leaving in it.

The situation in Choucha calls for urgent intervention, since we are suffering mental,physical psychological violations and torture, that reduces human power of concentration in the middle of nowhere. Extreme cases speak for themselves: a Sudanese is laying in Choucha after three major surgical operations that involved the spinal cord and his urine system, being abandoned in the camp without medical attention (negligence) and other several consequent cases denied. Moreover, we lack running water, sewage, food, and we are forced to beg alimentation on the main street heading to Libya. We believe every sane mind today knows that hunger is the world’s n. 1 health threat, that kills more people than any disease or virus that has ever been discovered. It is better for things to be stated with a direct factual basis. We are being placed in a life threatening situation.On the other hand, we cannot go back to our countries of origin because of the individuals risk of persecution (same reasons we put forward in our requests for asylum to the UNHCR).

Local integration is not a solution to Choucha for several reasons:
.1)The general climate of discrimination and racism that many of us have to face,as demonstrated by several complains and testimonies had gone through without attention.
.2)Lack of asylum/refugee system,that,even if its been enacted today Choucha is not supposed to be the experiment for the practise,hence many will remain under the impairism of past experience.
.3)It has severally been stated officially to us in meetings with members of the government,choucha is not and has never been a priority topic of discussion and as human,we are the victims suffering and living the situation without any impact or support from the government,knowing fully well that the camp is situated in the middle of nowhere,the deserted remote geographical location chosen for the camp (6/7 km away from the day to day troubled border,putting us in a dangerous position).
.4)Some of us were arrested in 2014 three consecutive times for exercising our legitimate rights of demonstrating,the authority and all human rights defending groups failed to help us,putting into consideration that our lives in Choucha for all these years is on hold,neither were we showing pleasure during all these process.Protesting against these decisions/situation that has existed all these years long,without suitable durable solution to end our plights.
.5)Demographic arc of instability,i.e,political,economic E.T.C.

Our appeal to the Tunisian government as host of Choucha refugee camp, hence its easy to perceive in all given statements “that our demand for resettlement to a safe third country with effective system of asylum/refugee protection”, “not local integration in Tunisia”,as a proposed plan/program,human right leagues/experts,activists and the civil society,IS to urge the camp responsible UNHCR,under whose authority the camp was established to accomodate the victims,consequence of the Libyan 2011 crisis and with whom our legal cases were registered and the International Committee upon the agreement/s with which the camp was enacted and closed, as well the essence base of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights were made.
Our struggle is instigated by our own suffering and our own experience,It is a struggle for the rights to live with human dignity in harmony with equal rights and justice,fair opportunities,to be accorded resettlement,not confined to Choucha open detention.
Our Demand And Appeal To UNHCR And The International Committee.
To be accorded resettlement to a safe third country counting with effective system of refugee/asylum protection.Not local integration.
For all these reasons given, we call on your support of our course and demand.
Forgotten refugees at choucha/Unhcr camp of Libyan/Tunisian border.Tunisia.

Statement by Voice of Choucha

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Déclaration des réfugiés de Choucha du Forum Social Mondial 2015


Après la chute du régime en Lybie en 2011, des centaines de refugiés étaient contraints de quitter la Lybie pour se retrouver en camp Choucha du HCR, où ils ont attendu pour que leurs demandes d’asiles soient traitées. Selon plusieurs rapports d’organisations tunisiennes des droits d’homme et autres, des irrégularités et de la mauvaise pratique dans la procédure de la Détermination du Statut du Réfugié se sont produites. En juin 2013, le camp a été officiellement fermé. Jusqu’à maintenant, néanmoins, plusieurs des réfugiés qui n’ont pas pu être rétablis et plus de 70 demandeurs d’asile refusés, restent dans le camp vivant dans le désert dans des conditions inhumaines sans l’accès aux besoins fondamentaux ou facilités humaines de base.
Au cours des quatre dernières années, les réfugiés vivant au camp ont combattu avec plusieurs associations dans de différentes manières afin de faire pression sur l’HCR pour qu’il assume sa responsabilité envers eux en leur garantissant une intégration dans un tiers pays sûr avec un système d’asile efficace. Jusqu’à maintenant l’HCR refuse de traiter leurs cas et satisfaire leurs demandes.
Dans le contexte du FMS 2015, des individus représentant plusieurs organisations internationales et des personnalités de la société civile se rencontrent avec les réfugiés pour discuter et trouver des solutions au camp Choucha. En se basant sur l’expérience des précédentes luttes et témoignages des réfugiés, on s’est mis d’accord que quelque soit l’action prochaine en ce regard, celle-ci doit tourner au tour de ces trois différents points :
L’intégration dans un tiers pays sûr avec un système de protection des réfugiés efficace
L’intégration en Tunisie n’est pas une option vu que la Tunisie n’est pas apte comme pays à garantir la sûreté ou des conditions de vie décentes
Tout support de la cause doit être basé sur l’intégration, car c’est notre but unique. Tout autre aide (matérielle, médicale, besoins primordiaux) est un choix individuel mais pas une solution politique à long terme.

Le Forum Social Mondial est un endroit favorisant l’échange d’idées, où les causes peuvent êtres partagées et les alternatives au système présent peuvent êtres développées. Mais le FSM ne réussit que lorsque des mesures concrètes et de vraies initiatives sont prises. Le FSM du 2013 n’était pas capable de mettre fin à la lutte du camp Choucha. Maintenant, on a besoin de réunir nos forces afin de lutter ensemble.
On est convaincus que jusqu’à maintenant le HCR n’a pas pris ses responsabilités et n’a pas usé des tous ses pouvoirs pour aboutir à une solution satisfaisante. Au lieu de cela, il a fait des erreurs dans la procédure et a délibérément abandonné les réfugiés.
Pour exposer les erreurs du HCR et pour mettre pression sur eux afin d’ouvrir de nouveau le cas des réfugiés du camp Choucha, on a besoin d’un support légal de la part des activistes et des entités compétentes. Par conséquent, on fait un appel ouvert à toutes les associations, organisations, preneurs de décisions et individus pour nous rejoindre.

Mets un terme à la lutte du camp Choucha. De l’intégration maintenant !

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